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いらっしゃいませ!夢想神伝流居合道 モアヘッドミネソタの道場によこそう!

Please take off your shoes and come into the dojo for a visit.

The Aggasiz Dojo, formerly the Moorhead Dojo, serves the Fargo, North Dakota, Moorhead, Minnesota area. We are a traditional Japanese sword martial art school teaching the approved Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei seitei (standard) iaido katas as well as the traditional koryu Musoshindenryu style of iaido. 

The about section of this site explains what iaido is, the katas we learn, and some of the terminology associated with Japanese martial arts and iaido specifically.

The dojo section of this site provides information on how to visit the dojo, class times and fees, and information about the Sensei.

The news section contains just that. News about upcoming and past events. Please check the news on our blog regularly for information about upcoming seminars, tournaments, and testings.

Our Blog is a place where people can read and comment on member's postings and iaido topics in general.

Why Learn Iaido?

Apart from the benefits of regular exercise and stretching, learning iaido gives us a small insight into the culture and tradition of Japan. Rich in history, etiquette, and discipline, Iaido not only teaches us some of the techniques found in Japanese swordsmanship, but also the more spiritual aspects of Japanese Bushido. Iaido takes a lot of patience and repetition to start to understand the meanings within the katas, and also control and awareness that comes from practicing with a Japanese katana.

Because of the breathing, muscle toning, and these more spiritual aspects of iaido, some people liken it to, "yoga with swords."

my katana
My smith-made shinken katana. It was commissioned by Nosyudo in Seki, Japan. It's razor sharp!

Iaito Store

I have a limited number of new Iaito that I purchased from a reseller in Japan. Visit the Iaito Store to see what is available. These are great for iaido!

Have a nice visit, and thanks for stopping by!

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